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Serial Expansion

In this demo we will show how to use the EXP-SER for writing and reading to RS232

You need:

Connect the ZM1-DB to the EXP-SER via te ZBus and connect the wire as in the picture:

Wiring and selectors of EXP-SER

TXD is connected to RXD creating a loopback. Moreover rotative switch 1 should be positioned at position 0.

In VSCode, create a new project and paste the following code into

from bsp import board
from expansions import ser
import serial

# Pass the rotative switch selector position
# address = 0x11, interrupt = INTR
ser_sw_sel = (0, )

# Add the EXP-SER to the board
# All pin of the EXP-SER will be initialized correctly
exp_ser = board.next_expansion(ser, ser_sw_sel)

# Open SERIAL1 with default parameters
ser1 = serial.serial(SERIAL1)

while True:
    # Write to SERIAL1
    ser1.write("Hello Zerynth\n")
    # Write to Console
    print(">> Hello Zerynth")
    # Check available bytes on SERIAL1
    n = ser1.available()
    if n > 0:
        # Read from SERIAL1
        msg =
        # Write to Console

The code above configures the EXP-SER by attaching a new expansion to the board passing the correct selectors. It then opens the SERIAL1 connected to the RS232 interface on the EXP-SER. In the loop, it writes and reads on the RS232 printing also on the default console.

The expected output is:

>> Hello Zerynth
<< Hello Zerynth

>> Hello Zerynth
<< Hello Zerynth

>> Hello Zerynth
<< Hello Zerynth

>> Hello Zerynth
<< Hello Zerynth