Migration to r2.0.10ΒΆ

This guide is targeted to users that have just updated a Zerynth installation from version r2.0.x to r2.0.10. If r2.0.10 has been installed from scratch this guide can be skipped.

Version r2.0.10 introduces a faster deploy mechanism for packages based on rolling updates. Single packages can now be updated, deployed and installed without the need to reinstall all the Zerynth environment. However, in order to do so, Zerynth Studio needs to cooperate with a new version of the Zerynth installer (the small window that pops up before Zerynth Studio starts).

Sadly, due to permission issues on different platforms, Zerynth Studio can’t automatically update the installer and therefore user intervention is needed.

The steps to follow are very simple:

  • Download the Zerynth Installer

  • Launch it according to your platform

    • On Windows, let the installation finish overwriting the current one
    • On Mac, if asked to overwrite the current Zerynth Studio app, answer yes
    • On Linux, unpack the archive in a folder and run Zerynth Studio from there