Non specific commands are grouped in this section.


Not documented yet.


The info command displays information about the status of the ZTC.

It takes the following options (one at a time):

  • --version display the current version of the ZTC.
  • --devices display the list of supported devices currently installed.
  • --tools display the list of available ZTC tools. A ZTC tool is a third party program used to accomplish a particular task. For example the gcc compiler for various architecture is a ZTC tool.
  • --modules display the list of installed Zerynth libraries that can be imported in a Zerynth program.
  • --examples display the list of installed examples gathered from all the installed libraries.
  • --vms target display the list of virtual machines in the current installation for the specified target

Clean —-_

The clean command behave differently based on the following options:

  • --tmp, if given clears the temporary folder.
  • --inst version, can be repeated multiple times and removes a previous installed version of Zerynth