LIS2HH12 Module

This module contains the driver for STMicroelectronics LIS2HH12 3-axis accelerometer.

class LIS2HH12

Class which provides a simple interface to LIS2HH12 features.

__init__(spidrv, pin_cs, clk=5000000, odr=ODR_100HZ, fs=FS_2G, sf=SF_SI)

Creates an instance of LIS2HH12 class, using the specified SPI settings and initial device configuration.

  • spidrv – the SPI driver to use (SPI0, ...)
  • pin_cs – Chip select pin to access the NCV7240 chip
  • clk – Clock speed, default 5 MHz
  • odr – Device output data rate, default 100 Hz
  • fs – Device full-scale setting, default +/-2g
  • sf – Scaling factor, one of SF_G (unit=g) or SF_SI (unit=m/s^2 default)

Acceleration measured by the sensor.

Returns:By default will return a 3-tuple of X, Y, Z axis acceleration values in m/s^2. Will return values in g if constructor was provided sf=SF_G parameter.

Temperature measured by the sensor.

Returns:Die temperature in Celsius degrees.

Value of the WHO_AM_I register (0x41).