PCA9536 Module

This is a Module for the PCA9536 I/O expander by Texas Instruments. The Module implements the PCA9536 as an output device utilizing the OC01 xChip. The board uses I2C for communication.

Data Sheets: PCA9536

PCA9536 class

class PCA9536(self, drvname, addr = 0x41, clk = 100000)

Create an instance of the PCA9536 class.

  • drvname – I2C Bus used ‘( I2C0, ... )’
  • addr – Slave address, default 0x41
  • clk – Clock speed, default 100kHz
init(self, pins = PCA9536_ALL_OUTPUTS_OFF)

Configures PCA9536 and sets all outputs False by default

Parameters:pins – gives the pins an initial state
writePin(self, pin, state)

Determines the status of the output

  • pin – accepts one of four output pins on PCA9536 (1, 2, 4, 8)
  • state – accepts the state at which selected pin should be (True or False)

Reads the status of the output port. To read a single bit/pin mask the return value with the pin number. | Eg. getStatus()& OUT0

returns the status of the output port