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Network Interface

Network Interface

The net module is never used directly but it is imported by more specific moduleslike eth and wifi

exception CantRegisterInterfaceError

The interface cannot be registered.

exception ConnectionError

Generic connection error.

exception ConnectionTimeoutError

The connection attempt has timed out.

exception ResolveError

Host cannot be resolved to its IP address.

exception NetworkGenericError

Generic network error occurred.

exception TLSHandshakeFailed

The TLS handshake failed.

exception TLSGenericError

Generic TLS error


function resolve

resolve(host, ifc)
Resolves the symbolic name for the given host to its IP address by using the configured DNS server on the interface with ifc descriptor and returns a string with the result.

function info

Returns a tuple with the IP parameters associated to the interface with ifc descriptor. The tuple is composed by the following elements: 0. Bool: DHCP enabled (True) or disabled (False) 1. String: IP address 2. String: netmask 3. String: gateway 4. String: DNS 5. String: MAC address

function disconnect

The interface with ifc descriptor is stopped, all connections dropped, and all socket closed related to such interface.

function down

The interface with ifc descriptor is shut down by releasing all resources and low level drivers associated with it.

function get_hostname

Return a string with the hostname associated with the ifc interface descriptor.

function set_hostname

set_hostname(hostname, ifc)
Set the hostname to hostname string, associated with the ifc interface descriptor. If the hostname is "", the dcn (Device Common Name) is used as default.