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exception MQTTError

Generic MQTT error.

exception MQTTConnectionBadVersion

Protocol versions mismatch between client and server.

exception MQTTConnectionBadIdentifier

The client identifier is not correct.

exception MQTTConnectionServerUnavailable

The MQTT server is not reachable or does not respond.

exception MQTTConnectionBadCredentials

Wrong username and/or password specified for MQTT connection.

exception MQTTConnectionNotAuthorized

The username specified for MQTT connection is not authorized to establish the connection, even it credentials are correct.

exception MQTTPublishTimeout

The publish method has timeout waiting for ack from borker when qos > 0 and timeout > 0.

exception MQTTPublishGenericError

The publish method failed with an error that does not match any of the previous exceptions.

class MQTT

MQTT(host, client_id, username="", password="", port=1883, clean_session=True, keepalive=60, reconnect_after=5000, network_timeout=6000, ctx=())
The class is used to create MQTT clients. The parameters are:

  • host is the server hostname or IP address to connect to and to subscribe for messages.
  • client_id is "our" client identification.
  • username is the username used for authentication.
  • password is the passoword user for the authentication.
  • port is the server TCP/UDP port to connect to. Default: 1883.
  • clean_session if True the MQTT is cleaned. Default: True.
  • keepalive is the time period in seconds to send a keep-alive to the server.
  • reconnect_after is the auto reconnect time in milliseconds.
  • network_timeout is the timeout in milliseconds for the connections. Currently unused.
  • ctx is the SSL context. See the description in HTTP protocol page

method connect

Establish MQTT connection using configured parameters during object creation.

method is_connected

Return True if the connection with the MQTT server has been established; False otherwise.

method disconnect

Disconnects from the server.

method pending_subscriptions

Return the number of pending topic subscriptions.

method publish

publish(topic, msg, qos=0, retain=False, timeout=0)
Publishes the msg message related to topic subscribers, with qos quality of service level. The retain flag specifies whether the message has to be kept after a subscriber receives it or not. The timeout specifies the time in milliseconds to wait for an acknowledgement form the broker when qos > 0; when qos = 0, the timeout is ignored. If the acknowledgement is not received by the timeout, the MQTTPublishTimeout exception is raised.

method receive

Receive a message, if any, from subscribed topic.

method on

on(sub, callback, qos=1)
Registers the callback function for the sub topic, with qos quality of service level.

method stats

Returns a tuple containing statistics counters, composed as in the following:

  1. first connection since system startup, in milliseconds.
  2. last connection since system startup, in milliseconds.
  3. last disconnection since system startup, in milliseconds.
  4. number of disconnections.
  5. number of received data.
  6. number of received messages.
  7. number of sent data.
  8. number of sent messages.

method loop

Loops waiting for messages receiving and calls the relevant registered callback.