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This module loads the Pulse Width Modulation (pwm) driver of the embedded device.

When imported, automatically sets the system pwm driver to the default one.

function write

write(pin, period, pulse, time_unit=MILLIS)

Activate PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) on pin pin (must be one of the PWMx pins, expressed as Dx.PWM). The state of pin is periodically switched between LOW and HIGH according to parameters:

  • period is the duration of a pwm square wave
  • pulse is the time the pwm square wave stays in the HIGH state
  • time_unit is the unit of time period and pulse are expressed in

A PWM wave can be depicted as a train of elements made like this:

        HIGH  _________________          _________________
             |                 |        |                 |
             |                 |        |                 |
        _____|                 |________|                 |____ LOW


Here are some examples:

#Remember to import the pwm module
import pwm

# A 1000 milliseconds wave that stays HIGH for 100 milliseconds and LOW for 900

# A 500 microseconds wave that stays HIGH for 10 microseconds and LOW for 490

# Disable pwm