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Industrial Data Aquisition with EXP-IO Board

In this demo, we will measure the temperature from an Industrial temperature sensor and print it through the serial terminal. we will use one of the 2 analog channels on-board.

The analog sensor channels, relays and the opto-isolated inputs enable users to connect wide range of devices and sensors in a way that is easy and compatibile with the Industrial IoT devices and modules.

1. Create a project

Let's create a new project, you can create a new project from scratch by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P and entering the command New Zerynth project.

2. Setup the hardware

we are using the NTC015HP00 passive temperature probe. Connect the two terminals of the sensors to AIN1- and AIN1+ and the ground to the AIN1- pin.

3. Write the code

from bsp import board
from expansions import io
from zsensors import sensor

# Initialize board and relay expansion by providing the position of two rotary switches.
# In this demo the arrow on the ADDR rotary switch points to 1, while INT points to 0.
exp_io = board.next_expansion(io, (1, 0))
sensor_dictionary = sensor.get_sensors_dict()

while True:

    # Read ADC and print a value every 3 seconds.
    temperature = sensor_dictionary["temperature"].read()
    print("T: ", temperature)

4. Run the example

Check the project for errors by pressing Build. If everything is ok, you can press Run. The SDK compiles the source files, creates a binary firmware, and burns it to the board.

As you can see, thanks to the Zerynth SDK, the conversion is done -behind the scenes- for us. In the resource folder, there is a json file that contains the needed parameters to convert the measurments to the temperature values. For more information about the sensor module, Click here.