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4ZeroBox Mobile

The 4ZeroBox Mobile is an Industrial data acquisition device that features Cellular 2G, NB-IOT and Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS Capabilities. There are many onboard features like: a DIN-rail mountable case, industrial grade sensor channels, support for Wi-Fi, Relays, support for CAN protocols, RS485, RS232 interfaces. The 4ZeroBox Mobile can be integrated with any of Zerynth expansion boards. They can act as a prototype during the development stage, and a core for industrial applications.

Device Summary

  • ZM1 Module

    • 32-bit dual Core microcontroller based on the ESP32-WROOM-32SE.
    • Clock frequency upto 240 Mhz.
    • Embedded 16 MB SPI Flash memory.
    • Integrates the ATECC608A crypto element allowing ultra-secure communication.
    • WiFi (Client and AP mode supported) and Bluetooth® Low-Energy Support
  • 6 Analog channels that can measure (according to the dip switch configuration):

    • 4-20mA sensors (full input range ±20mA)(single ended or differential)
    • 0-10V sensors (full input range ±10V)(single ended or differential)
    • current transformers (non-invasive)
    • resistive sensors (NTC, RTD, contact, proximity, etc.)
  • 2 solid state relay channels

    • Max voltage (open circuit) = 36VDC
    • Max current (closed circuit) = 150mA
  • RS232 and RS485 Interface.

  • CAN Protocol is supported.

  • Supports USB-C for PC communication and power.

  • USB-C Slot for DEBUG/updating Firmware of BG95

  • SMA Antenna for GSM/GPRS (SX) and GPS (DX)

  • LiPo Battery support

  • JTAG support

Resources and Documents

For more infos about electrical connections, and how to use 4ZeroBox Mobile with sensors and other hardware, Please refer to the user manual.

Pin Mapping

Getting Started

For step-by-step guide on connecting, running your first example, Please refer to the Getting started guide for the 4ZeroBox Mobile

Software Library

For more information on the 4ZeroBox mobile software Library, Its features, functions and examples demos Please check this Link


Power to the 4ZeroBox mobile is supplied via the on-board USB Micro B connector or directly via the 9V-36V pins on the P1 connector. The power source is selected automatically. Zerynth 4ZeroBox Mobile has also a JST Li-Po battery connector (3.7V).


The zBus is an efficient, powerful standard for connecting and prototyping different sensors and devices. The zBus is using the CN1 pin header (20x2) exposing the following:

  • 16 GPIO pins.
  • 4 interrupt pins.
  • 2 USART/UART instances with full support (TX,RX,RTS,CTS)
  • I2C, SPI support.
  • 5V, 3.3 V output pins.
  • Enable pin for controlling the power to attached expansion boards.

The zBus allows the connection in a cascade of different add-on modules to create specific industrial applications that fit into a DIN-RAIL case.

The development board offers a modular expansion system that adds expansion boards through the connectors on the board (zbus). Expansion boards vary in features and functionalities. Currently, Zerynth offers expansion boards for :

Expansion boards vary in features and functionality. Currently, Zerynth offers expansion boards for :

  • EXP-AIN: Expansion board with 8 Industrial analog input channels
  • EXP-CONNECT: GSM-NB-IoT and GPS enabled expansion module.
  • EXP-IO: Industrial input/output board with 4 solid-state relays, 2 analog channels (4-20mA/0-10V/NTC/current clamp) channels, 2 opto-isolated digital inputs
  • EXP-RELAY: Relay board with 6 Electromechanical power relays rated 6A 250VAC.
  • EXP-SER: Serial Communication board with : CAN, RS232 and RS485 interfaces.
  • EXP-PROTO: Prototyping board for connecting and testing different types of sensors and devices.