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Industrial IOT Kit

The Industrial IoT Kit provides a complete hardware platform for developing industrial IoT applications. The kit features an 32-bit WIFI-enabled microcontroller , Industrial temperature and current sensors, switches, RS485 converter and enclosure.

The keystone of the kit is the 4zerobox. The 4ZeroBox is a modular hardware electronic unit that simplifies development of Industrial IoT applications allowing rapid integration with sensors, actuators, and Cloud services.

Zerynth SDK is the official development environment for the 4ZeroBox. Zerynth SDK is a powerful Python and C development environment that supports many industrial protocols, sensor channels and components. In addition to seamless integration with Zerynth Cloud.

Package Contents

  • 4ZeroBox: 4ZeroBox mounts a powerful ESP32 Microcontroller by Espressif Systems with the following features: (240MHz, 16Mb Flash, 512KB SRAM) a DIN-rail mountable case with industrial-grade sensor channels support for Wi-fi and Ethernet. SD Card for local data storage Customizable solution, supports LoRa, CAN, RS485, RS232 Crypto element ATECC608A from Microchip has been integrated to handle ultra-secure connections.

  • Carel passive NTC temperature probe - NTC015HP00

  • Current Sensor - TT 50-SD

  • RS485 Converter - USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT

  • Reed Switch Rectangular 400V, NO, 500mA

Resources and Documents

Typical Applications

This kit can be used for a wide range of different applications, starting from some simple temperature measurement or power consumption control units scalable to some really complex independent units which should satisfy industrial grade standards. For example:

  • NTC Temperature probes in combination with WiFi or Ethernet connection can be used for almost any type of remote temperature sensing.

  • Reed switch in combination with ATECC608A and WiFi connection can be used for some independent security unit like an alarm.

  • Industrial Process monitoring