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function next_expansion

next_expansion(e, selectors=None)
* e is the next expansion type module.

Use the following table to choose the right expansion.

| module    | expansion   |
| `io`      | EXP-IO      |
| `relay`   | EXP-RELAY   |
| `ser`     | EXP-SER     |
| `ain`     | EXP-AIN     |
| `connect` | EXP-CONNECT |
  • selectors is a tuple with information on position of rotative switches of the expansion. Order follow swiches indexes.

function expansions_on

Power on all the expansions conected to the ZM1-DB.

function expansions_off

Shut down all the expansions conected to the ZM1-DB.

function led

Set the color of the led.

  • color is the color to set. Possible colors are. BLACK, WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, CYAN and MAGENTA.

function on_button_press

on_button_press(fn, dir=FALLING_EDGE, debounce=0)
Set-up the USER_BUTTON to call an interrupt callback when pressed.

  • fn is the function to be called when the button is pressed;
  • dir is the wave edge that will trigger the callback. Default is FALLING_EDGE;
  • debounce is the De-Bounce delay to set.

function init

Reinitialize all exapansions connected to the ZM1-DB.

function summary

Print a summary on ZM1-DB and its connected expansions.