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class EXP

EXP(position, selectors)
Created an object for the expansion board connected to Zerynth ZM1 board at the position number, counting from left to right. Valid positions are 1 to 4. selectors is a tuple composed as in the following:

  1. Port Expansion (PE) address.
  2. Interrupt pin.

Once the EXP object is created, the expansion board can be used from the application by using the ser module.

Both values are integers from 0 to 3.

method get_can

get_can(nss, spi_clk=20000000)
Get a ready to use CAN object.

  • nss is the chip select pin used to control the CAN peripheral through SPI.
  • spi_clk is the clock speed used by the SPI.

Returns the initialized CAN object.

method get_serial

get_serial(ser=SERIAL1, baud=115200, stopbits=serial.STOPBIT_1, parity=serial.PARITY_NONE, bitsize=serial.BITSIZE_8, mode=serial.MODE_UART, flow_ctrl=serial.HW_FLOWCTRL_DISABLE)
Get a ready to use serial (RS232 or RS485).

  • ser is the serial port to use. Default SERIAL1
  • baud is the baudrate of to use. Default 115200.
  • stopbits is the stopbits configuration to use. Default 1 stopbit. See serial for possible values.
  • parity is the parity check configuration to use. Default none. See serial for possible values.
  • bitsize is the bitsize configuration to use. Default size 8. See serial for possible values.
  • mode is the mode to use for the serial. Default RS232. See serial for possible values.
  • flow_ctrl is the flow control configuration to use. Default disabled. See serial for possible values.

Returns the initialized serial object.

method summary

Print the IO expansion summary on the console.


from bsp import board
from expansions import ser
import can
import serial

def can_transmit(bcan, ch, tx_b, sid):
        bcan.transmit(ch, tx_b, sid)
    except PeripheralError:
        print("Tx queue is full")

def th_rx_fn(e):
    ser_ser2 = e.get_serial(ser=SERIAL2, mode=serial.MODE_RS485_HALF_DUPLEX)
    while True:
        rx = ser_ser2.readline(end="\n")
        print("rx =", rx)

sel = (1,)
ser_e = board.next_expansion(ser, sel)
sel2 = (0,)
ser_e2 = board.next_expansion(ser, sel2)

ser_can = ser_e.get_can(D10)
ser_can.txf_conf(1, 5, 1)

tx = bytearray()
for i in range(0, 8):

ser_ser1 = ser_e.get_serial(mode=serial.MODE_RS485_HALF_DUPLEX)
t = thread(th_rx_fn, ser_e)

while True:
    can_transmit(ser_can, 1, tx, 0x300)