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IIR Filter

This module implements Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters of generic order. Filtered data follows the following formula:

y[n] = b[0] * x[n] + b[1] * x[n-1] + ... + b[size_b - 1] * x[n - size_b + 1]
    - a[0] * y[n-1] - a[1] * y[n-2] - ... - a[size_a - 1] * y[n - size_a]

  • x[] the input array with n entries;
  • b[] the Feedforward filter coefficients array with size_b entries;
  • y[] the output array with n entries;
  • a[] the Feedback filter coefficients array with size_a entries.


Creates an IIR Filter object with the array b and a as coefficients.

  • b is the Feedforward filter coefficients list;
  • a is the Backward filter coefficients list;

method filter_array

filter_array(input, reset=False)
Filters a given input list and returns the resulting output.

  • input is the input data list to filter;
  • reset if set to True, old values stored in the filter are cleared before filtering the new data. Default value is False.

Return a list with the filtered output.

method reset

Clear current stored output values from the filter.

method destroy

Free the memory allocated for the filter.