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Pins and Peripherals

Zerynth allows multi-hardware programming. To do this in a reliable and maintainable way it has been necessary to define a pin naming strategy that allows programming native multi-board scripts.

Zerynth follows the widely accepted Arduino pin naming schema where Digital pin are named with Dx where x is the number of the physical pin available on the board (not of the MCU pin!). Similarly, Analog pins are named with Ax.

In Zerynth names are always UPPERCASE. The following PIN names are included in the Zerynth built-ins:

  • Pin names:

    • D0 to D256 representing the names of digital pins.
    • LED0 to LED7 representing the names of the on-board installed LEDs.
    • USER_BUTTON representing the name of the on-board installed button.
    • all the names that appear on the Z-Bus schematics: PE1,PE2,...,INTE1,etc...
  • Peripherals name:

    • SERIAL0,...,SERIALn representing the different serial ports.
    • I2C0,...,I2Cn representing the different I2C buses.
    • SPI0,...,SPIn representing the different SPI buses.